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What is the Literacy Foundation?

The Literacy Foundation provides tutoring services for students in grades 2 through 8. We offer intervention and enrichment options, as well as consultation services to parents and educators. Our experienced tutors conduct informal diagnostic assessments to evaluate each student's readiness level and design customized lesson plans to help them succeed in reading and writing.

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S. Jones - Educator

Dr. Jones is a practitioner that implements the research!  The support that she provides enables students to build sound practices that make reading easier and comprehension more accurate.

Jennifer - Educator

Angela is a very knowledgeable educator who is deeply passionate about providing ALL students with access to instructional practices that are supported in the science of reading. This passion has a positive impact on both the students and educators she works with.  Angela has been a great role model for myself as an educator, and has provided me with many opportunities to learn both with her and from her.  She has worked tirelessly to promote literacy instruction that is based in scientific research, and I can see how her work will continue to have a positive impact on the students and educators she supports and collaborates with.

Brooke - Educator

Dr. Jones has been a mentor to me in my path to understanding how students learn to read as well as guiding me in ways to implement phonological awareness instruction. Her knowledge, support, and collaboration have helped to make me a better educator.


Angela has an amazing understanding of the science of reading and its positive impact on students learning to read. She has supported academic coaches, teachers, and families with a better grasp of how important using a prescribed method and specific strategies allows children to demonstrate mastery and success in reading. Angela realizes that literacy and reading is the key to success for the next generation.

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